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NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager used her role as guest co-host on “Today” to address the rumors of her pregnancy. “Don’t you just love how people jump on things?” Bush Hager asked her co-host Tamron Hall. “Like you put a new hairdo, or you wear a dress that’s a little baggy, and it’s like, ‘Jenna Bush Hager pregnant with her third child.'”

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Bush Hager was then asked if she normally responds to such rumors and said, “No. I’m not pregnant, and I do not reply, because how do you reply other than saying, ‘Thank you very much. No I’m not. That was just a large dinner last night.'”

While it was unclear if these rumors had gained traction, or if she was just giving an example of rumors she had heard in the past, she did make sure to quash any pregnancy speculation immediately before saying she doesn’t usually respond. Even if it was not already a popular rumor, Jenna did not want it becoming one. Now, people will hopefully refrain from asking her if she is expecting any time she decides to wear a loose dress or has a particularly large lunch.