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Jim Carrey is now facing two wrongful death lawsuits.

The comedian has reportedly been slapped with an lawsuit in the death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White. The first suit was against White’s estranged husband Mark Burton who claimed Carrey “wrongfully and illegally” obtained opioids under the false name “Arthur King” and gave them to White.

TMZ now reports that White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, has filed her own lawsuit claiming that Carrey infected her daughter with three STDs and dumped her after she confronted him.

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The lawsuit alleges that Carrey called her a “whore” and threatened her with “fixers” to tried to keep her quiet.

Sweetman claims that her daughter learned in 2013 she had contracted 2 types of herpes and chlamydia. She alleges that Carrey was dismissive of the claims and accused White of contracting the diseases from someone else.

When he ended the relationship, Sweetman claims that Carrey told White, “You have become too much drama.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim that White struggled emotionally before she overdosed on Propranolol, Ambien and Percocet. The drugs all allegedly belonged to Carrey.

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