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Vice President Joe Biden is a man who has endured a great deal of heartbreak in his life.

He lost his wife and daughter in a car accident during Christmas time in 1972, and recently lost his son Beau Biden to brain cancer.

In a letter to his 12-year-old self, Biden imparts the wisdom he has learned from these tragedies as well as his vast political career.

The letter reveals that he had a stutter and was bullied as a young boy.

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“Listen to mom when she says ‘bravery resides in every heart and yours is fierce and clear.’ Listen to dad when he says ‘Joey when you get knocked down, get up, get up.'”

“If you listen, you’ll summon the bravery to overcome the stutter, and you’ll learn to stand up to bullies.”

“You’ll learn from dad who moved the family to look for work that a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about your dignity, it’s about respect.”

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“And that’s why you’ll follow your heart and serve your community, your state, and your country.”

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The video, part of a CBS series titled “Note to Self,” continues to tell the story of his political career and well has the tremendous loss he’s seen in his life.

“One day you’ll be on top of the world only to be brought down in a flash with profound loss and grief that leaves a black hole in your heart and questions of faith in your soul. And anger, anger beyond rage,” Biden says.

“That’s when you’ll have to dig deep and live with what mom taught you, that out of everything terrible that happens, something good will come if you look hard enough. You’ll hold on with faith and pure grit.

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“You’ll be blessed with a love that will anchor you as deeply as your faith,” Biden says about the love of his family and his wife Jill Biden.

“That’s America: made up of ordinary people like you capable of doing extraordinary things.”

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The emotional video left anchor Norah O’Donnell in tears.

“I don’t know anybody that doesn’t know Joe Biden that doesn’t say he’s a really good man, that he was a class act,” Gayle King said at the end of the story.

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