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Joely and Tricia Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s half sisters, sat down with ABC’s Chris Connolly to speak about the passing of Carrie and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, in an exclusive interviewed “GMA” aired on Tuesday.

“I’ve been having an out of body experience ,and the world lost Carrie and Debbie of course, and Princess Leia, and we lost our hero, we lost our mirror,” Joely, 49, said of her half-sister.

“We had the coolest big sister in the world,” Tricia, 48, said.

“What did you know about her, that maybe the rest of us did not?” Connolly asked Joely and Tricia.

“I think that she was more sensitive,” Joely said. “She was secretly soft,” Tricia said. “She was extremely generous.”

Tricia and Joely went on to talk out about their relationship with Carrie and Debbie, their father, Eddie Fisher, how they’ve been dealing with the tragic loss. Joely disclosed how she texted Carrie the night before Carrie boarded her flight to Los Angeles from London.

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“We talked about age, ’cause she was floored that she had just turned 60,” Joely said. “We talked about children. We talked about our frail mothers.”

Joely spoke of how both Carrie and her planned to see each other for Christmas.

Carrie Fisher, 60, suddenly passed away on Dec. 23 after suffering a heart attack aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles. Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, 84, passed away one day after, after suffering a stroke.

Tricia and Joely went on to discuss Carrie’s 24-year-old daughter, Billie Lourd.

“She was obviously rattled to her core; it was her mom. But she was handling it,” Tricia said of Billie.

“What did you want your sister to know as you sat in that room with her?” Connely asked.

“I remember just holding her hand and telling her that we were there, that we would make sure that her daughter was whole, which she will be,” Joely recalled.

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“She kept saying that she wanted more time,” Joely said of Carrie as she broke down. “I knew that if Carrie wasn’t going to survive this, that Debbie would not. You knew it.”

“It’s more like getting to have her one-on-one, and not share her, that’s what I think of, and that’s what I would miss, is being able to just be with her in her home, or whatever, and have her to myself,” Joely said as she broke down in tears after being asked one to share one of her happiest memories of her half-sister.

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