Kate Gosselin appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday to address rumors about her parenting.

In an interview with Amy Robach, Gosselin defended herself against recent child abuse claims made by her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. According to reports, the couple’s son, Collin, who is living at a learning facility, made claims against his mother.

“There are reports that Collin told staffers at his treatment facility that he was abused by you,” Robach said. “And child services has open an investigation.”

“I am in the public eye. I have been investigated many times,” Kate Gosselin replied. “It’s always unfounded, obviously.”

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According to Robach, Jon Gosselin claims that he does not know where Collin is and that his ex-wife refuses to tell him anything about their eight children.

“We are court ordered not to speak about the care and custody of our children in detail,” Kate Gosselin clarified. “I’ve known all along where he is, but the world doesn’t know and I’ll leave it at that.”

In August, it was revealed that Collin was living away from the home to help “him deal with things.”

“It was not even really a choice. It was on the advice of his doctors. It had to happen,” Kate Gosselin said. “He’s plodding along, and we are too, but it definitely was necessary. I will go to the ends of the Earth for the best for each one of them. This is the best thing I can do for him right now.”

Kate Gosselin sets the record straight about those child abuse allegations Jon made against her Twitter/Good Morning America
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