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On Tuesday, North West showcased her artistic side when she decided to decorate her bedroom with purple nail polish while her mom Kim Kardashian West tended to son Saint.

“I go downstairs to get something for her brother for two seconds, and she paints her room purple with nail polish,” Kardashian West said in a Snapchat video, which displays North’s artwork all over her wall, brushes and toys.

In another snap, Kardashian West documented her 3-year-old daughter helping her clean up, which mainly consisted of her unrolling two entire rolls of paper towels.

“Oh thank you for helping me clean it up now, this is even more helpful,” Kardashian West said sarcastically.

“Don’t step on it,” North warned her mom in the background.

“Oh, I won’t step on it and ruin it, don’t worry,” Kardashian West assured her.

The mother-daughter pair just returned home after a trip to Costa Rica with Saint and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

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