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“What happens at Auntie Kylie’s stays at Auntie Kylie’s!”

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner helped her niece North West and a friend, Ryan, get all dolled up for King Cairo’s birthday bash.

Jenner captured the mini-makeover on her Snapchat and later shared it on Instagram. In the video series, Jenner applies a little bit of her Kylie Lip Kits to the sweet little girls, and they just can’t get enough.

β€œThey’re putting on my Lip Kits,” Kylie narrated in one Snapchat video.

After applying the darkest shade to North’s lips, the little girl can’t help but smile and pucker up for the camera. Gee, wonder whom she learned that from!

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β€œDo you like it?” Kylie asked.

β€œYeah!!” North exclaimed.

Jenner shared one final photo of the adorable tots writing, “What happens at Auntie Kylie’s stays at Auntie Kylie’s.”

(h/t Entertainment Tonight)

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