Leah Remini’s upcoming documentary, “Scientology and the Aftermath,” is expected to blast the church that she belonged to for almost her entire life. And, of course, the organization is not taking the impending attacks without a fight.

Rare previously reported that after Remini opened a lawsuit against the group, lawyers representing the Church of Scientology responded that her “demands are nothing more than a provocative ploy to generate publicity for what will no doubt be another failed program by a failed ‘celebrity’ seeking to make a buck off of her former religion.”

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On Monday morning, Remini appeared on “Today” to discuss her upcoming documentary. She echoed the statement that she made to Ellen DeGeneres last week, saying she’s continuing her fight against Scientology “for the victims.”

The former “King of Queens” actress also spoke about how difficult it is to criticize the church and said that her experience is vastly different from those of most other people who leave Scientology because of her platform “as an actress.”

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Leah Remini says she’s fighting back against Scientology “for the victims” Omar Vega/Invision/AP
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