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Ryan Seacrest became the new co-host of “Live with Kelly” on May 1 following Michael Strahan’s departure. His first episode saw a decent Nielsen rating of 2.6. However, according to Radar Online, things may not be going so well after such a promising start.

Between Seacrest’s first and second week on the show, ratings dropped 12 percent. Even worse, for May 2017 sweeps ratings, the show’s ratings have dropped 25 percent compared to when Strahan was Kelly Ripa’s co-host.

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Added to the troubling ratings are rumors about Seacrest’s unhappiness in New York City. Sources told Radar Online that Seacrest is “miserable” in New York City, where the show is taped.

“He’s such an LA guy and is finding NYC tough,” the source told Radar Online. “The weather and the hustle of the city is too much.”

The source says Seacrest is a “recluse” and “can’t wait for the weekends when he gets to go back to Los Angeles.”

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