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The alleged conversation between military widow Myeshia Johnson and President Trump caused emotions to run high on Wednesday’s episode of “The View.”

The co-hosts wasted no time sharing their outrage following reports that Trump told Johnson, who’s husband Army Sergeant La David Johnson was killed in action in Niger, that her dead husband, “knew what he signed up for,” adding that “when it happens it hurts anyway.”

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson was present when Trump supposedly made the comments and confirmed the rumors. Trump has since denied the report saying he has “proof” that it was made up by the Congresswoman.

“This one is hard one for me on a lot of different levels. We don’t know the context of the phone call … I would love to hear that proof,” Meghan McCain said. “Politicizing military deaths on both sides is a new low for America right now and everywhere.”

She added, “Talking about it right now feels so inappropriate for me.”

Joy Behar pointed out that he has “proof” for many conversations and questioned, “Where is the proof? I want to see it.”

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Despite the outrage and arguments on the round table, McCain kept her cool, reminding everyone what is really important in this story. McCain pointed out that while Trump says he has “proof” and Rep. Frederica Wilson was “part of the resistance” that voted against Trump.

“There’s politics playing on both sides. Someone died for our freedom to sit here on this on our show right now,” McCain said as the audience applauded her.

But, Goldberg had a harder time keeping her cool and looked directly to the camera.

“Have you no shame, sir?” Goldberg yelled. “I love my troops and I’ll tell you why. I grew up in Chelsea, in New York, and we sent many people to Vietnam and some came back and did terrible things to themselves. For me, if your kids haven’t gone, or you didn’t go, I need you to have a different mindset about the folks who went.”

“This is the one place we should all be able to say ‘hey, we are going to stand up and salute and we are going to pay attention because these people went and did what we didn’t,’ what he certainly didn’t,” Goldberg continued. “You must, in talking to people who’s families have gone to fight for this country, you must, you must have empathy! You must remember who these people are.”

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McCain’s father, Senator John McCain, was a POW in the Vietnam War and experienced torture that left him with lifelong physical disabilities. Trump has previously attacked Sen. McCain on several issues which is a difficult position of Meghan McCain.

“I hate this fighting between my father and President Trump,” McCain said, adding that McCain and Trump have very different views on the future of America. She also took a moment to applaud her father because he was standing up for what he believes in despite the fact that he is 81 years old and recently underwent surgery following a brain tumor diagnosis.

Still, McCain’s colleagues were outraged by President’s Trump’s inability to find empathy.

“He’s very dismissive of the military,” Sunny Hostin said of Trump. “I would not be surprised if this was true because this is the level of discourse in this White House!”

Following the commercial break, Rep. Wilson appeared via phone call on “The View.”

She claimed that the conversation was more than Trump saying, “knew what he signed up for” and alleged that Trump never referred to Sergeant Johnson by name in the conversation.

Rep. Wilson said that she was not the only one who heard the call as they were traveling to pick up the casket at the airport in a limousine and the call was on speaker phone.

Trump has yet to share the “proof” he said he has.

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