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Mike Rowe and Walmart joined forces to bring us a poignant reminder of the importance of work and the dignity of self-reliance.

The Dirty Jobs host has been an advocate of the worker and the dignity of hard labor, which has become a rare commodity in today’s America.

From BizPac Review:

Although President Obama continues to tout the number of jobs he’s created, the fact is, the labor participation rate is at its lowest since 1978, when Jimmy Carter was president, according to CNN/Money.

There are over 1 million fewer people working today than there were six years ago, according to CNS News.

The Affordable Care Act is going to cost an additional 2.5 million American jobs, according to recent Congressional Budget Office estimates.

Rather than argue with its figures, the Obama administration has been spinning the Congressional Budget Office report as a good thing — to allow Americans to spend more time with their family, to engage in the arts or to just relax.

All of the freebies in the world cannot replace the pride that comes with knowing that you created something yourself. Work is indeed a beautiful thing.

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