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If you’ve been out of the Facebook loop, Mike Rowe, former host of “Dirty Jobs,” shared a story from his mother, Peggy Rowe, with his Facebook followers last month.

The story was about how she had lost “old blue,” her large, blue purse, and the adventures that followed while she tried to find the purse.

Since that time, the story has been shared an astounding 1.1 million times, viewed 49 million times and reached over 106 million people on Facebook.

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Now, Mike is sharing an update from his mother on the saga that has played out since his mother’s story went viral.

Peggy wrote that since he posted the story on Facebook, whenever she goes out with “old blue” it’s like having “George Clooney draped over my shoulder. People can’t get enough of it. I don’t dare go anywhere without makeup these days.”

She said that even at the doctor’s office, people go crazy over her purse, writing, “Sure, it was amusing when we were signing in for my annual mammogram, and secretaries ran to the window, asking, ‘Is that old blue, Mrs. Rowe. Is that old blue?’ But not so much when the phlebotomist got so excited over meeting my big blue purse that she missed my big blue vein – twice. Fortunately, this is not the year for my colonoscopy.”

Mike also shared that his mother met Beverly, the woman who found her purse, and found out that she lives just around the corner from them.

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Peggy and Mike’s father, John, bought Beverly a Friendly’s gift card, went over to her house and recounted the big, blue purse saga together.

Mike said that this update would “conclude, officially, the saga of my mother’s big, blue purse…unless I don’t know, United Artist calls and wanted to make a movie about it or something.”

Let’s hope, for our sake, that this isn’t the last story Peggy writes, though. We can’t get enough of her witty humor and colorful stories.

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