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According to the Huffington Post, Donald Trump was looking for reasons to “get rid” of Khloé Kardashian while she was on “Celebrity Apprentice” because he wasn’t pleased by the way she looked.

In a report published Friday, the news outlet spoke with past “Apprentice” employees who blame the Republican presidential candidate for making verbal, off camera jabs at Khloé during the celeb edition of the show in 2009.

“He called her a piglet,” according to a source. Another staffer mentioned that Trump even asked staff, “What is this? We can’t even get the hot one,” allegedly referring to Kim. According to another source, Trump also used the words “fat piglet” to describe Khloé, and complained, “Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?”

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This is just one of a stream of accusations that put Trump in a negative light due to engaging in misogynist behavior.

On Monday, the news outlet released a transcript from a moment in which Trump targeted a country music singer’s skin. In the unaired footage, Trump allegedly said she needed “some serious fuckin’ dermatology.”

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