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Jim Carrey is doing everything he can to prove he is innocent of any wrongdoing in his ex-girlfriend’s death.

The actor has been slapped with two wrongful death lawsuits in the 2015 overdose of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Cathriona White. In the lawsuits, both parties — White’s estranged husband and mother — claim that Carrey gave White access to the drugs that ultimately killed her.

White’s mother also claims that Carrey infected her daughter with STDs, which pushed her further into depression.

According to TMZ, investigators discovered two suicide notes after White’s death. One note was from October 2012, one month after her father died and two months after she started dating Carrey. She reportedly wrote about being “too messed up for anyone to really love.” She apologized to Carrey.

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The second note was from 2013, just after one of their breakups. She reportedly wrote about being infected with STDs and blamed Carrey if she wound up dead, writing “my blood is on your hands” and “you pulled the trigger on me.” She did not kill herself that time.

The couple eventually got back together and shared a romantic meal nine days before White’s suicide.

TMZ said White’s final suicide note mentioned heartbreak and not STDs.

“You are my family,” she reportedly wrote to Carrey, leaving him in charge of her estate and burial. She made no mention of her mother or estranged husband.

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