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Michael Snoddy is no longer walking around with a Confederate flag tattooed on his arm.

The boyfriend of Paris Jackson has officially covered up the tattoo, and his tattoo artist shared the new ink on Instagram.

“Cover up on my buddy@michaelsnoddy love ya brother,” Justin Lewis, a tattoo artist with Timeless Tattoo in Hollywood, wrote.

Cover up on my buddy @michaelsnoddy love ya brother.

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In April, the Jackson family was reportedly concerned with Snoddy’s influence on Paris and hated his “racist” tattoo. Snoddy was quick to defend himself telling TMZ at the time, “I wouldn’t be dating a black girl if I were a racist.”

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Jackson took to her own Instagram to defend her boyfriend’s decision to cover the tattoo.

“It was his idea to cover it up,” she wrote. “I could care less about the tattoo.”

Jackson went on to write that the original tattoo was in honor of one of his favorite bands and has absolutely nothing to do with race.

“He didn’t like the racism that was affiliated with it, the same way Nazis are affiliated with the Sanskirt Svastika,” she wrote. “No matter what is on his body, I will always love him.”

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