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President Obama has made a habit of embarrassing his daughters, Malia and Sasha, by telling, what he calls, “dad jokes” during his eight years in office.

His favorite venue for said jokes was the annual Turkey Pardon at the White House, and he continued the tradition even when his daughters had “scheduling conflicts” in 2016.

He made up for his daughters’ Turkey Pardon absence by getting in a reference to his dad jokes at his annual Christmas address as he talked about his years in office. He noted that they were “great jokes” but admitted that a few “got a frosty reception.”

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As a parting gift to America and his daughters, President Obama was able to squeeze in one last dad joke before he leaves office.

On Friday, NASA’s Curiosity Rover, a large robotic machine exploring Mars since 2012, tweeted that it had delivered the POTUS’ signature to the Red Planet.

Curiosity Rover’s tweet was the perfect setup for President Obama’s joke, and he responded by sending out the following tweet:

Well played, President Obama, well played.

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