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Late Wednesday night, reality star Rob Kardashian was rushed to the ER, according to multiple media reports.

Over the last several years, Kardashian struggled with his weight and overall health as he retreated from the public eye. In recent months, he was put back into the spotlight after a high-profile relationship with reality star Blac Chyna, the birth of their daughter, and a reality show devoted to following their relationship.

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One year prior to Kardashian’s alleged Wednesday night hospitalization, he was diagnosed with diabetes. TMZ reported on Thursday that Rob was in the hospital after experiencing a “flare up” of the condition.

“We’re told he had been doing ok lately but the stress from his turbulent relationship with Blac Chyna drove him to eat excessively and he gained an alarming amount of weight recently … causing him to lose control over his diabetes,” TMZ reports.

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