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Robert Herjavec still feels like a newlywed!

Well, with only two months of marriage under his belt, he definitely still is a newlywed, but he is more in love with his new wife Kym Johnson than ever before.

Herjavec sat down with PEOPLE and talked about his romantic July wedding. He and professional dancer Johnson met on “Dancing with the Stars” and the love just keeps blooming.

“There was so much activity and so much going on,” he said. “I think the best moment was standing there and seeing her come around the corner for the first time in the dress. It was epic — she looked so beautiful. I was so lucky to meet her and it was such an incredible day.”

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“That’s what it was really about — the two of you. All the other entertainment was fun and it was a great party, but it’s really about that,” he added.

Johnson and Herjavec had a few epic performances at their wedding. Olivia Newton-John serenaded the couple, and an all-star dance troupe entertained the crowd.

“We have such a great relationship,” Herjavec said of his bride. “We started out on the show — it’s like we’ve know each other since day one. So in some ways, it’s still exciting, we just got married. But in other ways, I feel like I’ve known her forever.”

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