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This week, actress Shannen Doherty and her husband, Kurt Warienko, embarked on their five-year anniversary trip, and they brought Shannen’s social media followers along.

Doherty has been very active on Instagram in the last year and a half as she documented her fight with cancer.

The “Charmed” star was diagnosed with two types of cancer and has given fans regular updates about how it impacted her life, career and marriage.

During the couple’s trip to Mexico City, Shannen posed with her husband and sang the praises of the city.

“Mexico City. What an amazing place. I’ve been to many spots in #mexico but never here. The food scene is on fire here, history, charm…. it’s got it all including childhood memories for @kurtiswarienko who lived here when he was a kid,” Doherty wrote.

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Last week, Doherty made headlines for showing off her workout routine in the midst of her cancer treatments.

“Let me tell ya…. shaking your booty is hard work with my Neda who’s been helping me move and get toxins out,” Doherty wrote. “Yes I was tired, yes I wanted to be in bed but I went and moved and felt way better. Any exercise during illness is good. We can do it!!! #beastmode with@jammalibu #fightlikeagirl #warrior.”

A Personal Look Into Actress Shannen Doherty’s Battle With Cancer

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