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Marley Dias is a black girl who is tired of reading about white boys and dogs.

Dias is keenly aware of how frustrating and hurtful it is to not have role models in literature. None of her elementary assigned reading was relatable. When she complained about it to her mother, the wise woman asked Dias what she was going to do about it. Dias decided to deal with it in a big way. She set out to change the future of literature, education and the perception black girls have of themselves — and, most importantly, the perception others have of them.

In fifth grade Dias started a book drive looking specifically for books with black girls as main characters and gathered 700 of them, mobilizing her community with the hashtag . The books are for a primary school in Jamaica, where her mother comes from. When Dias told Ellen DeGeneres about her efforts Ellen gave her $10,000 to help out.

Ellen also gave Dias a computer so she can continue to use her love of literature to change the world. Dias shared that she hopes to run her own magazine someday, admitting she likes being the boss. We think her spunk and leadership will only do good things to the media and literature world.

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