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Shia LaBeouf is definitely off the market!

Last week, LaBeouf shocked fans when he wed Mia Goth in a stereotypical Las Vegas wedding, complete with an Elvis impersonator serving as the officiant.

On Tuesday, LaBeouf sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and spilled secrets from his big day.

“The plan was for it to be a private deal in Vegas,” he said. “Part of the package, the King Tut package, you get a live stream for free as part of the deal. And, I said, ‘you know we really don’t need that. We’ll just take our private tape.’ We had our moms there.”

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He said that once they got home, they realized that the tape had actually been live-streamed, and LaBeouf decided to call the venue. At first, he was upset with the whole ordeal, but Goth calmed him down.

“I checked with my girl and she said, ‘hey, what are you going to do?’ It was love. We are proud of it. It was love,” he said with a shrug.

“People usually share their wedding videos, and now you have shared it,” DeGeneres said.

“Exactly, and [our] dads couldn’t be there, so it was kind of nice in a way,” he said.

“Kind of. They were watching from TMZ in a way,” DeGeneres joked. “Congratulations!”

Nicole is a content editor with Rare. 
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