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If this rumor is true, Maddox is making his message loud and clear.

According to PEOPLE, Brad Pitt has visited with his children twice since his divorce with Angelina Jolie went public.

When Jolie filed for divorce in September, child abuse claims against Pitt ran rampant through the rumor mill. According to sources, Pitt became belligerent on an airplane from France to Los Angeles and the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services has been investigating the incident.

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Maddox, 15, the eldest of the children is at the center of it all, as he was reportedly the target of mental and physical abuse in the alleged incident. He reportedly chose to stay behind while his siblings visited their father.

Jolie and Pitt have worked out a temporary plan with DCFS, and a therapist was present during Pitt’s first visit with the kids.

The former couple remains in negotiations with child custody as one of the biggest issues in the pending divorce. They reportedly have not spoken to each other since they separated on Sept. 15.

“Brad and Angie haven’t had any contact, and it’s all being worked out via their teams,” a source close to the family claimed. “It’s just a sad situation.”

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