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Could Kanye West’s hospitalization stem from the loss of his mother?

According to TMZ, sources close to the rapper believe his “nervous breakdown” could have been triggered by the anniversary of his mother’s funeral.

Insiders claim that the added pressure of his tour, parenting his two young children, lack of sleep and providing emotional support to his wife, who is going through her own trauma following her robbery in Paris, was too much for West and resulted in his hospitalization last week at UCLA Medical Center.

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According to those close to West, his mother died in November 2007 and her funeral was Nov. 20, the same day he canceled one of his tour dates. The following day, West canceled the remaining 21 tour dates; hours later, he was hospitalized.

West reportedly never grieved the loss of his mother, and each November since her passing has been tough on him. This time, he reached a breaking point.

Last Monday, West became increasingly paranoid and was taken to the hospital. He was reportedly sedated and treated by doctors and psychiatrists. He was supposed to be released two days ago, but that didn’t happen.

No new hospital release date for West has been announced.

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