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“Biggest Loser” contestant Ali Vincent wants to set the record straight.

Contrary to recent allegations, she says was never coerced into taking drugs or forgoing water while she was on the weight-loss show.

On last Saturday’s episode of “Oprah: Where Are They Now?,” Vincent spoke out against these drug accusations made by other former contestants, according to PEOPLE.

“There’s a lot of allegations out there now with the ‘Biggest Loser,’” Vincent said. “There’s allegations that there’s drugs, and, ‘Oh, they’re not letting you drink water!’ It didn’t happen on my season.”

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“I find it highly unlikely that it was allowed, and it was recommended, or that it was forced. Because no one can force anybody to do anything on the ‘Biggest Loser.’ Period. End of story,” Vincent added.

Vincent’s statements came after a contestant from season seven, Joelle Gwynn, accused Bob Harper of giving her drugs.

“Bob Harper was my trainer […] He goes away and his assistant comes in. He’s got this brown paper bag that’s bundled up. He says, ‘Take this drug, it’ll really help you.’ It was yellow and black. I was like, ‘What the f— is this?’ ” Gwynn said, according to PEOPLE. “I felt jittery and hyper. The next day, [the show’s resident doctor, Robert Huizenga] gave us some lame explanation of why they got added to our regimen and that it was up to us to take them […] People chastise Bill Cosby for allegedly offering meds to women, but it’s acceptable to do to fat people to make them lose weight. I feel like we got raped, too.”

Harper, however, has denied these accusations according to the news outlet.

According to PEOPLE, Vincent also insists contestants have control over what they do or don’t do on the show.

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