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Things are getting pretty tense for Jesse Williams and Aryna Drake-Lee.

According to TMZ, the two are engaged in a custody battle that is just getting worse. Williams reportedly filed for divorce in April and wanted to keep things civil, but now proceedings have escalated into an all out legal war.

In the legal documents, Williams is reportedly asking for even more time with his two children, Sadie, 3, and Maceo, 2. Williams claims that Drake-Lee only allows him to see the children for three hours a day and refuses to allow sleepovers.

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Since the split, Williams has rented a home just three miles from Drake-Lee’s house to maintain a close relationship with the children. Williams even listed the children’s nicknames and favorite foods in the documents to assure he is a hands-on dad: macaroni and cheese for “Sadie Munchkin” and “anything [they] put in front of ‘Mace.'”

The actor claims that because Drake-Lee is making things so difficult, he needs a judge to step in and arrange a formal custody agreement.

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