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The gruesome images from the scene of Chris Cornell’s death has raised some questions with fans.

According to TMZ, the significant blood on the floor that was in the bathroom where the singer ended his life made some people question whether or not foul played was involved.

The tabloid reports that medical examiners and medical professions said it is “common for hanging victims to bleed from the mouth or nose from a buildup of blood and tension in the head.”

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The police report from his death in May stated that Cornell’s face was “covered in blood spatter” and the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s report said there was “pronounced congestion of the head and neck above the ligature furrow mark” which is reportedly caused by swelling under the skin created by the noose.

The blood on the floor was smeared in the photos. Reportedly, this was because his bodyguard and paramedics attempted to revive him on scene and moved his body.

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