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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for a lot of things: a successful movie career, a legion of dedicated fans and a killer single-eyebrow raise. But you wouldn’t think of him as the type of person to get into a Twitter fight over something as strange and petty as an emoji and the implications of its lack of masculinity.

Or is he? 🤔

Here’s what went down: a Twitter user, Olly Gibs, posted this tweet to his account.

He draws a comparison between The Rock’s upcoming movie, “Jumanji,” and a 2003 film called “The Rundown,” which was previously titled “Welcome to the Jungle.” While it appears both films are merely referencing a popular Guns N’ Roses song, The Rock then replied to Gibbs’ comment by saying “Haha buddy, juuuuust see the movie first then make the comparison.”

But that wasn’t the only thing The Rock took issue with. It turns out The Rock doesn’t think the emoji Gibbs used was masculine enough for Twitter, writing “And for fucks sakes stop using the non masculine🤔emoji.”

Gibbs, amazed that a popular movie star would take issue with his emoji choices on social media, decided to try and get back into The Rock’s good graces with a second attempt at a cartoonish image that expresses uncertainty and pondering.

It looks like he chose an older photo of The Rock from his wrestling days. Fortunately, this appears to have worked like he hoped.

“Hahah you MF!” The Rock replied. “I’m on set now and this shit got a big belly laugh outta me.”

He then promised to wear “something with more blue in it.” Now that the debate has been settled, we have to wonder: what will The Rock get into a Twitter feud over next, and will it be just as absurd and funny as this? 🤔

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