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Being a member of the British Royal Family comes with its set of expectations and decorum to maintain.

The latest abandonment of protocol that is catching headlines is from Prince Charles while on a trip to Romania. The offense? He reached out to hug the son of a friend of his.

“When Charles spotted the son of his friend, William Blacker, he reached out, wrapped his arms around 11-year-old Valentin and beamed,” the Telegraph writes.

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While the moment was sweet and captured on camera, it is not the appropriate way to greet a member of the Royal Family.

As Vanity Fair explains, “The royal code decrees that male members of the royal family should be greeted with a “neck bow”—essentially a nod of the head.”

Basically, no hugs allowed.

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“He loves my son,” Blacker said of the situation. The son, Valentin, said: “It’s not the first time he’s hugged me.”

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