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Peggy and Billie Harris were married for six weeks when the latter left to fight in World War II and was never seen or heard from again.

That was in 1944.

Peggy was originally told that Billie was killed, then told he was alive and returning and then told he was killed. Billie was dead, but she had no idea where he died, how it happened or where he was buried.

It took six decades of time passing to finally get a definitive answer.

In the CBS interview embedded above, Peggy tells the story of how she discovered her husband is buried in Normandy American Cemetery in France. The plane Billie was flying was shot down over Les Ventes.

Peggy met the only French man left alive who witnessed the plane go down, and she now visits the burial site annually.

In all of her years, Peggy never married again.

“Billie was married to me all of his life, and I choose to be married to him all of my life,” she said.

After the story first aired, Texas Rep. Mac Thornberry’s office issued an apology for “mishandling” of information relating to Harris’ case.

“You have to learn to be forgiving,” she said.

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