Prior to his nine-day hospitalization in Los Angeles, rapper Kanye West exhibited several alarming signs that something may have been wrong with him.

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After several on stage rants, the prolific rapper abruptly cancelled the rest of his cross country tour and retreated to his home.

Shorty after the tour was called off, a personal altercation led West’s doctor to call for backup.

On Thursday, Dr. Michael Farzam’s heavily redacted 911 call was released. During the call, Farzam asks for police backup after determining that medical first responders may not be fully equipped to handle the situation.

“I’m one of his doctors, request if we could have some police backup,” Farzam says, in a recording published by TMZ.

“He definitely is going to need to be hospitalized.”

Rumors have abounded about what caused West’s hospitalization, and Farzam’s explanation is redacted from the phone call.

Whatever his condition may have been, a 911 dispatcher warns Farzam to make sure West stays away from things that could harm him.

“Don’t let him get any weapons or anything like that.”

West was reportedly released from the hospital this week.

Things sounded dire when Kanye West’s doctor called 911 to help his ailing patient (AP Photo/Binta)
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