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Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.

This Denver, Colo.-area teenager had one day hoped of becoming a professional lacrosse player but his dreams were dashed when suffered a series of concussions and seizures in 6th grade.

After doctors advised that he stay away from contact sports, Lachlan Connors, who is now a junior in high school, found that he could play music almost effortlessly.

“Music is the thing that gets me up in the morning,” Connors told the local CBS station.

The teen was not always a music aficionado, however.

“He really had no talent,” his mother Elsie Hamilton said of Conner’s music capabilities as a youth. “I would say ‘Can’t you hear what’s next?’ with something like ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ or ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and he’d say ‘No.’ “

“Connors can now play ‘roughly 10 to 13 instruments.’ That includes piano, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, harmonica, karimba and bagpipes — both Scottish and Irish ones,” CBS notes.

What’s more, he doesn’t even read music, but plays solely by ear.

“When Lachlan plays it’s absolutely beautiful,” his mom added.

Doctors are not certain this development came from his earlier concussion and seizures.

“The thought is just a theory — that this was a talent laying latent in his brain and somehow was uncovered by his brain rewiring after the injury. Clearly something happened in his brain and his brain had to recover from injury and change happened. And change may have uncovered this ability no one knew he had,” Dr. Spyridon Papadopoulos told CBS.

Whatever the reason, the young teen sure seems happy it happened.

“I honestly think something got rewired. Something just changed, and thank God it did,” Connors said.

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