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When most couples get married, they want to be the center of attention on their special day. They want the day to be all about them and their future together.

However, one very well-connected couple decided to throw all of that to the wind when they chose to invite the President of the United States to act as a groomsman at their recent nuptials.

President Obama’s longtime aide and friend, Marvin Nicholson, got married this past weekend to Helen Pajcic, who also worked briefly for the Obama administration. And instead of just inviting President Obama to their wedding, the couple went a step further and asked him to be in their wedding.

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Obama accepted their invitation and made the trip to Florida to stand by the couple’s side as they were married in a private ceremony. The wedding was held at a residence near the St. John’s River in Jacksonville and was closed to the press.

Photos posted on Twitter from the event show that POTUS wasn’t the only big name at the private event – John Kerry, who Nicholson previously worked for, officiated the ceremony for the couple.

Now, that’s a wedding party!

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