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For every married couple on the rocks, there is another that is solid as a rock.

This viral video, posted to YouTube last year, of married couple “Bill and Glad” recounts the couple’s dedication, even in the midst of Glad’s life-altering alzheimer’s diagnosis around 2005.

“I don’t count it a burden whatever to have to care for her,” said Bill. “I need to do everything — from the moment she gets up to the moment she goes to bed, I do absolutely everything.”

He looks after her personal hygiene, including brushing his wife’s teeth.

“But it’s a privilege. I count it a great privilege to care for this one that I have loved all of these years and continue to love.”

The couple last year celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

“We grew up together and, as we grew up, yeah, she was there. And I knew that she used to stare at me when I was playing footy with her brother and another friend,” he said.

Bill, however, wasn’t immediately interested in Glad, who is one year younger than he is.

It wasn’t until Glad was all “dolled up” when she was 16 years old that she turned Bill’s head.

“Boom! It was gone,” he said. “She was the one for me then. Absolutely.”

And that devotion continues — resolute and unwavering — to this day.

“I am determined to care for her every need,” Bill said before giving the reason for his steadfastness.

“You see, God has loved us so unconditionally, and I understand that God has put his love in my heart. And because I realize how much God has loved me, that’s how I too can love my lovely wife,” he said.

“She has done so much for me over all of these years and now she can’t but I can, and I can return her love.”


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