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On the surface, Joe and Helen Hesketh of Bellevue, Wash. are a very typical American couple. The two 81-year-olds have mastered a happy marriage, via the simple act of writing love letters. After a bad period in their marriage in 1974, they set out to remind each other of their own importance in love.

Every day since, they have penned each other love letters, a very quick, easy and eternally sweet task. Almost 30,000 letters later, the couple has mastered the art. Each note begins with some sort of prayer or parable and then devolves into their individual passion for each other.

From Kiro TV:

The first letters were written Feb. 22-24,1974 at a marriage retreat.

“When we write, he can’t interrupt me,” Helen said. “When it’s written you can’t erase it. How I’m feeling and everything I’m thinking about, it’s right there.”

The couple will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in June.

“Marriage is a lifelong process,” Joe said. “We’re still working on it.”