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Filmmaker Casey Neistat last month published a viral video documenting the way one studio’s generosity morphed into a missions trip to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan where Neistat took care relief was delivered where it was most needed.

“I don’t think that we bought enough food,” said Neistat as locals lined up to receive grocery bags filled with food Neistat and his team has personally purchased, bagged and delivered to the remote Filipino region with money donated by 20th Century Fox.

The first comment after the video was posted Dec. 16 was from the Neistat.

“[T]he story of how my relief mission in the Philippines came to be,” his statement said.

Comments varied — one woman called it “guerrilla marketing” — but overall reflected admiration for the philanthropic filmmaker and his crew.

“Bless you Casey Neistat and your team, this is what life is truly about,” said Cheryl Savage Wednesday.

The video had garnered more than 2 million hits as of Wednesday.


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