A Canadian street sweeper has a little girl’s thanks after his handiwork spared her chalk art.

CHEK News reports Wendel Lamb, a longtime employee of his British Columbia town, saw the art as he was going down a hill.

“I saw her out on the road when I was coming up and she pulled the chalk back and then ran over towards [her father] and I could see this worried look,” Lamb said. “She was looking at me then looking out at the road and looking at me again.”

Brielle Pronick, 7, had been working on it for a while, and her father Mikhail had been taking pictures, so he switched to video to capture the street sweeper. Lamb decided to lift the sweepers to preserve her creation, without knowing the camera was on.

“I know that it makes my daughter happy that her artwork was saved. I think it’s nice to see that people still care,” Brielle’s mother Kristen said.

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