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A YouTube video of WestJet passengers remotely giving Santa their Christmas wishes in one terminal and — to the passengers’ astonishment — receiving their gifts at the baggage claim at their destination has gone viral.

As of Tuesday night the video had over 1 million views but, as of Wednesday afternoon, the number of views ballooned to more than 7.5 million.

Some passengers dreamed big, asking the jovial WestJet St. Nick for televisions and tickets home for the holidays, while another passenger was more modest and simply asked for underwear and socks.

The passengers boarded their flight apparently oblivious that WestJet employees were rushing to fulfill their patrons’ Christmas lists, purchasing and wrapping gifts and transforming a WestJet baggage-claim belt into Santa’s sleigh.

Watch as these shocked flyers walk away with smiles as they haul away their gifts, including cameras, tablets, sports gear, underwear and — for one young family — a flatscreen television.

“I know I am probably over emotional but this was very amazing to me and brought tears to my eyes. Way to go +WestJet,” posted YouTube user Rhea Hubbard Wednesday via Google+.

Another user said the video is a welcome change to coverage in recent years of the airline industry.

“What a great way to bring good cheer and create some lifelong customers!  Something the airlines sorely need. cNice job #westjet,” added Google+ user Paul Hepperia Wednesday.

Another user was more cynical than most. 

“Well clearly the publicity stunt worked. Everyone in the comment section is just eating it up. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. This was very well played and no one was exploited or guilt tripped like they are in most marketing campaigns. That being said I hope people realize that the Christmas spirit is just there to make more money for the next few months,” said “lectricanman” Wednesday.


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