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Wait, so you mean that’s not Matt Damon?

That’s the question of the day according to the Internet. A photo from February 1961 was posted online of a groom who looks a lot like the Hollywood star.


The Damon-dead-ringer appears in a black-and-white photo, smiling at a woman who stares into his eyes.

A Reddit user named Coffeeandtrout said, “I think my dad looks like Matt Damon.” The user posted the vintage picture last month and said it was from his parents’ wedding day.

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“Plot twist: that is Matt Damon, and he didn’t age much,” another user said.

Another user chimed in, “You must post a recent photo of Matt Dam…I mean your dad so we can see what Matt Damon will look like in 50 years time.”

But the look-alike story takes a sad turn.

The man in the photo’s wife died last year, according to the son who posted the pic.

“Dad’s still trying to adjust. They were great together,” Coffeeandtrout wrote.

The story still continues to bless the Internet.

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