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Over the last few weeks, actor Tom Arnold has been on a crusade to give the public access to an alleged tape of Donald Trump saying inappropriate and racist things. The famed comedian became friendly with Trump after appearing on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

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According to Arnold, he has seen footage of the president-elect saying and doing things that would possibly change the public perception of him. Arnold is also convinced that Trump’s tax returns include unsavory information that Trump has tried to withhold from the public, a political point that Trump has been hammered on every day for the last year and a half.

On Thursday, Arnold released images of a WordPress login page and IP address that he claims will lead people to Trump’s financial and personal misgivings.

“Hey gamers here’s a challenge. Trumps taxes are behind this door. Let’s Make America Great Again,” Arnold wrote.

He later added, “Gamers. One more challenge. Behind here is 14 years of Trump Apprentice footage. Gonna do this the hard way. For America.”

Arnold later explained to his followers why he called on hackers to crack the Trump code.

“Don’t hate Trump. Always been nice 2me personally but he changed. Started racist stuff & outright lying. Love my country Putin thing sketchy,” Arnold wrote on Thursday night.

Earlier in the day Arnold explained to a critic defending Trump that he has spent quite a bit of time around the man.

“I’ve known him 25 years,” Arnold wrote. “Worked, done business with him. Tell me about your personal experience with Donald Trump.”
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