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A YouTube video of newborn twins hugging each other as they are being bathed by a French nurse has garnered more than 9 million views and thousands of comments since it was published Nov. 8.

The video, posted to demonstrate a new bathing technique recommended for infants 2-months old and younger, is titled “Twin Baby Time” and has mesmerized thousands of viewers.

“Fascinating. They definitely seem relaxed and content. Lol. I would think the ‘bigger babies’ would benefit from this also … not just the ones 2 months and under. Great video,” said one of the thousands that commented on the video.

“Nice to see something natural, unpretentious and just plain out beautiful for a change,” said Michael Leander Sunday.

Even former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin chimed in.

“Love, love, love these precious one! (“No matter how small …”)” she said Saturday on Twitter — an apparent reference to the Dr. Seuss “Horton Hears a Who!” quote “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”


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