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A California man with terminal pancreatic cancer recently walked his 11-year-old daughter down the aisle in a symbolic wedding celebration that stopped just short of giving the young girl away.

“Your dad may not get to see you get married but he is here to walk you down the aisle today,” Gary Galbraith, officiating pastor, told young Josie Zetz, according to the Press-Enterprise.

A tear ran down 62-year-old father Jim Zezt’s face as the bittersweet event — complete with wardrobe, guest list and food — went off without a hitch thanks to celebrity photographer Lindsey Villatoro, who orchestrated the affair, helping transform the family’s backyard into an elegant reception venue.

“I have an 11-year-old daughter and know Josie’s birthday was coming up,” Ms. Villatoro told the paper.

“I also knew it would be the last birthday without her dad. If I was Josie, this would be the best gift anyone could give,” she said.

Mr. Zetz said his daughter will never forget the occasion.

“She’ll always remember it.”


H/T: Daily Mail


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