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Over the last year, comedian Rosie O’Donnell has made a new name for herself as one of the biggest critics of President Donald Trump. O’Donnell and Trump have had a decades plus long public feud in which she has criticized his intellect and patriotism, and he has criticized her looks and weight. Trump brought the feud to national attention last fall when he teased O’Donnell during a nationally televised presidential debate.

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O’Donnell is a heavy user of social media and uses her Twitter to bash the president at all hours of the day. Over on her Instagram, O’Donnell is a little more subdued and frequently posts photos of her daughter, Dakota.

Dakota, aka “Dax,” is 4 years old and clearly the apple of O’Donnell’s eye.

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Though her other children frequently make appearances on her feed, O’Donnell tries to post a photo of Dax nearly every day. Her #DailyDax photos are immensely popular with fans, some of whom seem to enjoy the break from her coverage of the president.

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 ALL !!! #happyholidays

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