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Whoopi Goldberg was over the moon on Thursday’s episode of “The View!”

Golderg has been an AIDS activist for years, and in honor of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, she was surprised by her co-stars with a moving video to thank her for all of her work.

“Years ago, Elizabeth Taylor came to me,” Goldberg said and revealed that Taylor asked her to join her in a benefit for AIDS. “We tried very hard to make the government pay attention.”

“A lot of people were saying that this is God’s wrath. It’s not God’s wrath. It’s a pandemic,” she said.

Sarah Haines then surprised her with a moving video that featured was kicked off by Colin Farrell and featured photos of her with Elizabeth Taylor and photos of AIDS patients.

Quinn Tivey, Taylor’s grandson, also thanked Goldberg for her work with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

“In honor of World AIDS Day, I want to say thank you on behalf of all of Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren,” Tivey started. “Like you, in the 1980s, our grandmother saw her friends and loved ones suffering and dying from a terrifying disease that would later be known as AIDS. She knew from the beginning that it wasn’t only a health crisis but also a social justice crisis. So she fought.”

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“We are forever grateful,” he said. “And, we aren’t the only ones.”

Lionel Richie also praised Goldberg’s charity. “You spoke up for voices that were silent. You have been the forefront of the movements of the world,” he said. “God bless you, my dear.”

Elton John also surprised her.

“You and I knew Elizabeth Taylor very well. She was an unstoppable force, and a champion in the fight against AIDS,” John said. “You stood with Elizabeth when no one else would. I can’t think of anymore deserving of this award than you.”

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At the end of the tribute, Tivey walked onstage with some of Taylor’s grandkids and greeted a tearful Goldberg with hugs and presented her with the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award as the audience cheered.

“Thank you so much for your support, and your friendship as an ambassador,” he said. He shared even greater news.”On World AIDS Day, on your show, in your honor, we can announce a joint $4 million commitment by the United States government to support our international work in Malawi.”

“It’s kind of hard to get me, but you got me,” Goldberg said after the commercial break.

What a great honor!

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