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A California woman is making headlines after tweeting out nude photos of herself while updating her followers on her home birth.

On the day after Christmas, Ruth Fowler of Venice Beach gave live updates that weren’t always G-rated. Using the hashtag #ruthshomebirth, Fowler posted about enjoying a whiskey sour while relaxing in the tub and exercised in the periods between contractions.

Ah, back labor.

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From the New York Daily News:

“I was going to these amazing birth classes, meeting a great community of pregnant people, but I still didn’t really know what it was like to give birth,” Fowler, 34 and originally from Wales, told the Daily News.

“I wanted to share that, simplify it. So other women can look at this, and say, ‘Oh, that’s interesting, you really can get through it without pain medicine.'”

Not that it was easy — Fowler shares painful shots of her crouching in the shower, sitting on an exercise ball to relieve back pain and even soaking in the tub with a whiskey sour.

“My dad’s a doctor, so I called him up and said I was going to take a shot of whiskey, and he said fine, go ahead, the baby is already formed,” she said. “They would never say that in my birth class.”