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While many are still confused by the erratic hand motions of the so-called sign-language interpreter at late South African leader Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, one young girl at a recent school holiday concert stood out from the pack for her apparently adept sign-language skills.

For Claire Koch, who was born to two deaf parents, American Sign Language came more naturally to the 5-year-old than English, reports BuzzFeed.

Her parents were nonetheless surprised when Claire — surrounded by dozens of her peers — opted to use sign language while singing a handful of classic Christmas songs rather than imitate the generic hand motions of her peers.

The nearly 4-minute video, posted to YouTube Monday by Lori Putney Koch, shows Claire as she increasingly hams it up throughout “Santa is His Name-O,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “I Have a Little Dreidel.”

Those on social media have been sharing it online over the past few days.

“To counter the negative vibrations of “that signing guy at the funeral” I share with you this: Singing at a school concert, a KODA (kid of deaf adult) performed sign language so her mom could understand the lyrics. Filmed by the proud mama!” commented Oji Dannelley Thursday via Google+.

“They should have had her doing the Mandela Memorial,” added YouTube user Julie Gallagher.

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