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ABC’s Jon Karl pointed out to President Barack Obama that he once took former President George W. Bush for pushing the limits of executive power this week.

Karl notes that despite that original charge, the two great public opinions will be of him as an imperial president, who pushes the boundaries of the law, or as a “do-nothing” president who can’t get anything done due to his relationship with Congress.

President Obama, who did not seem to pleased at the direction of Karl’s question defended what he has and has not been able to accomplish.

“I never have a green light, I’m bound by the Constitution, I’m bound by separation of powers…There are some things we can’t do. Congress has the power of the purse…,” Obama told Karl.

“What I am consistently going to do, is whenever I have the legal authorities to make progress on behalf of middle class Americans or folks working to get into the middle class…”

President Obama says that his preference was to work with Congress, but that he would seize any opportunity to help the American people.