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Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders on Wednesday defended his support of veterans.

When asked by a wounded veteran about veterans’ rights and support during a CNN sponsored town hall, Sanders touted his long history of supporting America’s veterans.

Sanders, who is the former chairman and a current member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, spoke of his votes in favor of expanding benefits for veterans and U.S. armed forces, including increasing pay and healthcare access.

Arizona Senator John McCain, who was a Vietnam prisoner of war, has touted Sanders’ record of caring for veterans. McCain and Sanders worked together in 2014 to pass legislation that would reform the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs to expand veterans’ access to health care.

During his remarks on Wednesday’s town hall, Sanders criticized his Republican colleagues, who he says only nominally say they support veterans. Specifically, Sanders said when he proposed legislation on veterans he only got “two Republican votes,” adding “it’s one thing for Republicans to talk about how much they love veterans.”

GOP front-runner Donald Trump infamously said McCain was “not a war hero,” several months ago, adding “he was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump skipped the last GOP debate this month to hold a fundraiser for veterans groups–a move that was not welcomed by some veterans groups.

Yasmeen Alamiri is a political reporter for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @Yalamiri
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