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Suffice to say Bernie Sanders isn’t a fan of how Donald Trump handled Carrier Corporation. If you’re asking him, it’s how Carrier Corporation handled Donald Trump.

In a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post, Sanders took on Donald Trump, Mike Pence and their plan to reward Carrier parent company United Technologies (UTC) with $7 million in tax breaks ($700,000 over 10 years) in exchange for keeping some, but not all, manufacturing jobs in Indiana.

While 1000 jobs were saved in the negotiations, Carrier Corp. plans to take the seven-figure tax break and still move 1100 jobs from Indiana facilities to Mexico.

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Sanders’ argument is simple: Carrier got off easy so that Trump could get a headline.

They’re still sending a majority of Indiana jobs to Mexico. And instead of paying taxes on importing Mexican-made goods back into the United States, they’re enjoying a healthy tax break funded by Indiana taxpayers—1100 of whom used to work for Carrier before they moved to Mexico!

It’s not that they need the tax break. Carrier’s parent company, UTC, made over $7.6 billion in profits last year, up from $6.2 billion the year before.

Perhaps worst of all, Senator Sanders writes that this “deal” invites other big corporations to threaten to move, too. They have no reason not to, he says, because President-Elect Trump:

… signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives. Even corporations that weren’t thinking of offshoring jobs will most probably be re-evaluating their stance this morning. And who would pay for the high cost for tax cuts that go to the richest businessmen in America? The working class of America.  

Functionally, American taxpayers are now paying American businesses to leave the country. This move, he writes, is indicative of Donald Trump treating corporate irresponsibility with “kid gloves.”

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