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It looks like Bernie Sanders is running for president.

The independent socialist senator from Vermont caucuses with Senate Democrats and would seek the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, taking on Hillary Clinton.

Could Sanders be the Ron Paul of the left in 2016? (Even though he sold Paul out on audit the Fed.) Few thought Ron Paul would have any impact when he ran for president as a Republican for the first time. At the beginning of 2007, Paul was polling at 1 percent nationally.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Sanders voted against the Iraq war. He voted against the Patriot Act when it first passed and has since voted against extending it. Unlike the alleged populist Elizabeth Warren, Sanders opposed the Wall Street bailout.

Sanders isn’t very telegenic or smooth. He is old. His suits are sometimes rumpled. Sound familiar?

I have my doubts, of course, and even if Sanders did do well in the Democratic primaries he would advance liberty and constitutionally limited government the way Ron Paul did, to say nothing of free-market economics. But with a weak field opposing Hillary’s coronation, you need all the anti-establishment voices you can get.

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