Donald Trump is calling Mexicans “rapists.” That’s horrible. Conservatives should be the first to say it’s horrible. Instead many are defending him.

A short history lesson is in order.

Three weeks ago, many on the left were eager to portray anyone who supported the Confederate flag as racist. While I support taking it down precisely because too many racists have waved that flag, not everyone who supports it is necessarily racist. It’s unfair and inaccurate to assume this, as many conservatives rightly pointed out.

Two weeks ago, many on the left were eager to portray anyone who opposed the Supreme Court’s sex marriage decision as a bigot. While many bigots oppose gay marriage, not all who oppose it are. It’s unfair and inaccurate to assume this, as many conservatives rightly pointed out.

When Donald Trump called Mexicans “rapists” and other atrocious things recently, he was roundly condemned. Negatively stereotyping an entire group the way Trump did was as inaccurate as it was offensive.

Still, how did many conservatives—who had just endured a few weeks of being unfairly slandered themselves—react to Trump calling Mexicans rapists?

They agreed with him. Ted Cruz saluted Trump. National Review Editor Rich Lowry said “Sorry, Donald Trump has a point” about Mexicans and crime.

To conservatives now taking the Lowry line: Do people who oppose the Confederate flag have a point in saying everyone who waves it is automatically a racist? Do people who support same sex marriage have a point in saying that everyone who opposes it—even if for religious reasons—is still supporting a bigoted position?

They do have points. But are they points conservatives would even consider? Of course not. Such blanket generalities prevent understanding the complexity of these controversies, including the always-important human element.

People are complex. Their beliefs are complex. These issues can be complex.

Conservatives want others to understand that goodhearted people can still support the Confederate flag or oppose gay marriage. That we shouldn’t demean people unnecessarily. That it’s always better to understand our fellow human beings as individuals first and not lump them into groups.

It always becomes a problem when we lump people into groups.

There are many goodhearted people who seek better lives in the United States, from Mexico and other countries, some who even come here illegally. There are many decent and hardworking folks who want to come to America because life is less than ideal in their native countries. They do so for themselves but also their families.

You can want border security and a better immigration system—as I do—without demeaning these people.

But demeaning immigrants is exactly what Trump is doing. It’s what many conservatives are cheering him for doing.

Many are pointing out that Trump is wrong in his information about immigrants and crime. This is true.

He’s also just wrong, period.

Trump’s comments represent the ugliest face Republicans could possibly show the country. When Trump is doubling down on his racist comments and yet is in second in the presidential polls in Iowa, this is definitely not good for the GOP. When Ann Coulter’s latest book “Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third-World Hellhole” is a bestseller this is not good either, to put it mildly.

No Donald Trump, not all illegal immigrants go on crime sprees. The overwhelming majority of immigrants aren’t looking for trouble or causing it. They’re actually seeking better lives for their families. What some might even call “family values.”

Hispanic immigrants even seem to be less criminally inclined per capita than U.S. citizens.

Liberal news outlets like Salon are ridiculous in how they portray conservatives as racists and bigots. But how ridiculous are conservatives right now who are now doing everything they can to live up to Salon’s portrayals?

If the left could choose a poster boy to undermine conservatives, it would be Donald Trump.

As conservatives, should we take into account the complexity of the immigration issue including the human element? Should we at least attempt to understand these immigrants as people and individuals first?

Trump says no need to understand them. They’re all criminals and rapists.

Conservatives should reject the same collectivist thinking the left uses so often against the right.

Conservatives should reject Donald Trump.

Conservatives who cheer Donald Trump are behaving like the left Getty
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